Spring cleaning for outside

So you’ve spring cleaned inside, but don’t stop there. Do the maintenance outside, so you can enjoy as it warms up. We’ve made a list of some important aspects of your outdoor area that may need some attention. We guarantee you’ll thank yourself later!

Is your deck looking tired?

Having a nicely maintained deck gives you some where to spent time in summer. You might be thinking “she’ll be right” for now but you don’t want to leave it till your decks beyond repair. There are a few simple steps to spruce up your deck; if its wooden:

·      Start with the water bead test:

Splash some water on your deck and if the water doesn’t absorb and instead “beads” then you’ll need to sand the wood first, until it absorbs a splash of water.

·      Prepare the timber by cleaning with an oxalic acid based cleaner- this brings the timber back to a natural colour and removing stains.

·      Once the deck is dry- apply the oil such as Intergrain UltraDeck which you can get from your local hardware shop. With most oils you’ll need 2-3 coats.


  • Clean your BBQ

It’s not a typical kiwi summer without having the cuzzies around for a barbie. So make sure you’re ready.

·     Take apart your grill and clean thoroughly. Use a wire brush and degreasing agent to wash the grates. Perhaps you might need to remove the drip pans and clean out.


  • After a season of rain, your windows are probably quite dingy.


  • Inspect your gutters to remove any debris. If you find any leaks, repair them with gutter sealant from the inside.

  • Pressure wash the side of your home with a water blaster, make sure you start at the highest parts of the house to avoid washing dirt down onto clean areas.


  • Do your weeding, it’s a lot easier when the soil is still moist with spring rain.


  • Its spring, so of course your shrubs and bushes would have grown, but continue pruning them back so they have more energy to keep growing.


We hope this will help you get sorted. In saying that, we need to do all of this as well so you’re not alone!