Ready, set, GROW!

Spring gardening tips and what to plant this season

Now a few weeks into spring, it’s time to get your garden looking as good as your neighbours! You might be wondering why your garden is looking dull, even in SPRING?! It could be what you’ve planted. Here’s a list of what to plant and what not to plant in spring:

 Plants that flourish in spring:

·      Fruit trees

·      Blueberries & strawberries- Planting as soon as you can will help the root system get established so the plants can survive throughout summer, so no excuses! Another tip if you’re planting berries this spring is pick off the berries as this will take less energy away from the roots that need to get established.

·      Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Chives. There is more moisture in the soil in spring- so get planting herbs!

·      Cabbage and lettuce- these do better in cooler soil so plant them before it starts to heat up for summer.

·      Sunflowers

·      Snapdragons

·      Geraniums

·      Zucchini

·      Passionfruit

What not to plant in spring:

·      Tomatoes

·      Peppers

·      Squash

·      Eggplants

These plants need a warm climate, and can be killed by frost (this spring has been very cold so far) It is better to wait till summer.


Spring gardening tasks:

  • Turn your compost- and check to see if any is ready to use.

  • If you don’t have a compost, how about getting some manure to dress your garden beds.

  • Eradicate pesky early spring weeds before they get too established. Do weeds keep sprouting back after you’ve taken them out? After you remove them, temporarily put down a layer of landscape fabric before adding mulch this will discourage weed growth!

  • Repair bowed sides of garden beds- soggy winter soil might have rotted a few boards

  • Lay mulch over bare parts of your garden where you plan to plant, this will minimize the emergence of weeds sprouting before you get around to planting.

  • Early spring brings a lot of slugs- use non-toxic slug control or pick them off young seedlings as you go.

  • Prune existing fruit trees before buds begin to bloom.

Taking the time to complete a few easy spring garden tasks will bring you benefits for the rest of the season. We hope this helps you get control of your garden before the warmer summer months!