August Update

Just like that, we are 19 weeks away from Christmas!  So much to do, so little time. Usually at this time of year the longer days mean I am out running, biking and enjoying the crisp air in the lead up to the Auckland half marathon but not that it matters at the moment, my sporting days are on hold, having confirmed that I have torn my MCL and ruptured the ACL, surgery is on the cards in December.  No rest for me, I wasn’t even sidelined a day as many have seen me battle on with crutches at open homes (great talking point)!
We did manage to squeeze a few days away in Surfer Paradise last month 25 Degrees in winter…  why do I live in Auckland again?  While we were away Harcourts Northern region awards were on, and we collected a few awards....   

4th Place in Northern Region

Top 20 for Jan – March 2018 (13th Place) 

Top 20 April – June 2018 (15th place)

We are so thankful to all of our clients for working with us!  We have now sold in 28 suburbs in Auckland.  The buyers have come back over the last month, and it has been tracking this way due to the lack of listings down 33%, and we are seeing good open home numbers, good auction activity and a positive vibe from the market. If you had been thinking about waiting for spring, simply don’t.  If you need help fast-tracking your plans, talk to us, we have a contact for everything.  Its the final weekend on the market for a renovated bungalow in Mt Albert and a retro classic unit in Sandringham.

IMG_0235 2.jpg