Christmas edition 2018

The final Christmas edition!  It's time to give your inboxes a rest.  
Just like that 2018 real estate has begun to wind down.  We are about to take some time off leading into Christmas.  But we won't be away long we have three campaigns kicking off early in the new year, Stay tuned!  2018 Has been a very busy year for us, and while there is considerable commentary about the state of the market this year, we maintain that there hasn't been a better time to re-size (up or down). We managed to help over 80 buyers and sellers make those sometimes emotional decisions, which enabled us to make the Top 20 in Auckland for the whole year, rising to number 5 for July - September.  We will be taking some time to catch up with friends and family in Gisborne & Christchurch to get recharged for a return in 2019! If you have been thinking of moving in the new year, get in touch and we can discuss catching up in January.  

Until next year, safe travels, Merry Christmas & A happy new year! 

Abbey and Richard