The herald homes app

The Herald Homes app is a fantastic addition to bringing newspapers into the modern area.  Combing technology with the enjoyment of having something tangible that you can share, be careless with, use to start fires.   The newspaper has been something that we all though would go the way of the dinosaurs but it has managed to hang around at homes and cafe's despite the emergence of tablets and phones.  Well the herald has made it even more enjoyable to flick through there weekend publication.  See a property in the street you always wanted to live in?  Just pull your phone out down the load the app and all you need to do is photograph roughly the advert of interest and up will pop the floor plan, additional photos, location (you already know this because you always wanted to live in that street).   You can even contact the agent!   Its really easy to do (if you know your app store password) there is no login or registration required to use it, just download, point, shoot and presto all the information is right in your hands without having to trawl through Realestate and Trademe.  This is one app you should definitely give some time to.  Having you weekend coffee while you read the Herald Homes just became a whole lot more interactive.